Friday, October 31, 2014

October Favourites | Beauty & Random (plus a few duds!)


Apple ‘iPhone’ 6+
Sleek Makeup ‘I am Conditional’ Mascara
Wet ’n’ Wild ‘Color Icon’  Pencils
* Fab Fuchsia
* Plum Berry
* Black

20 Halloween Makeup Ideas!!!

Mexican Sugar Skull Makeup; Día de los Muertos

My final look for this Halloween...
And instead of a Halloween Makeup, I chose to finish up with a Mexican Sugar Skull in honour of Day of the Dead.
Watch the video below to find out a little bit about the celebration if you are unfamiliar with it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Realistic CAT Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2014

 My next tutorial for this Halloween 2014, this one's slightly less scary than the others though. Keep watching to learn how to transform yourself into a cat =^_^=

Zoeva 'Pink Elements' Brush Set Review.

The Zoeva lovely people at Zoeva HQ were good enough to send little ol' me one of their new 'Pink Elements' brush sets which were released on 27th of this month (yesterday!).

The two sets released are;
1. The 'Complete Eye Set'
This contains 12 makeup brushes designed for the eye area, and are a mix of natural and synthetic fibres.

Glam Smokey Eye Tutorial with a Twist! ft; Zoeva Cosmetics

Well would ya look who made a bit of effort with her hair for a change!!! :P
I wanted to road test the new Zoeva brush set I was recently sent & so created this tutorial to do just that, and instantly fell in love with the brushes!!
But in all fairness I already new I love them as I already have most of them in their usual black and silver outfits :)

Chit Chat 'Get Ready With Me' ft; Sleek Makeup | Cinema Night

A 'Get Ready With Me' / Sleek Makeup; Show & Tell Video... who doesn't like to kill two birds with the one stone???? (Poor birdies 0_o)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your Tattoo Questions Answered!

Hey All :)
After my last couple of videos talking about my tattoos, I compiled some of the questions you guys were asking in relation to my tattoos and tattoos in general and answer some of them here!!!
Hope it helps!

Black Widow Makeup Tutorial | Easy, Glam Halloween Look.

You Guys asked and I answered...
Here it is! 
An easy, achievable glam Halloween makeup tutorial which is a remake on one I did back in 2009 which ye can watch here...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Makeup Atelier Paris Review ft. Waterproof Gel Foundation & More!!

All products by
Makeup Atelier Paris;

Waterproof Gel Foundation FTG1Y

Getting Tattooed & My New Tattoo!!

I TOTALLY forgot to add this post/video here after getting my newest tattoo at the recent 2nd annual Galway Tattoo Convention. 
I have already done a video showing my other older tattoos and the stories behind them which you can watch here...
My friend Jeremy Switzer, who is a phenomenal tattooist, was over from Portland, Oregon, US and I had him pre-booked for ages to get more added to my sleeve. I love his style of tattooing and trust him 100% as an artist.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ultimate Fall Makeup | First Impressions & Mini Reviews!

Just because its finally October, doesn't mean I can't knock out a few non-Halloweeny makeup tutorials, and that's exactly what this is!
It's very much Autumn/Winter inspired using very rich warm eyeshadows on the lids (All from inglot) and a beautiful intense burgundy on the lips!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Studded Ape Skull Makeup Tutorial | Halloween '14

This tutorial was more of an experiment rather than a well thought out planned design, but sometimes winging it on a very basic idea works out! Not 100% happy with it but it could've been a lot worse...
And I love just sitting down, playing with makeup and seeing where things go; 
I highly recommend you all do the same!!

Crazy Clown Makeup | Halloween 2014

Oh Halloween, how I love thee...
I figured it was about time for another clown makeup and this one is a messy looking, slightly unhinged little Fecker :P
But surprisingly easy to apply!!
Watch the tutorial at the bottom of this post to see how I applied it.

You will need;
Glue Stick (Non-toxic & washable!)
Water in spray bottle



Essence ‘All About Matt’ Oil Absorbing Sheets
Tweezerman Eyelash Curlers