Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crazy Clown Makeup | Halloween 2014

Oh Halloween, how I love thee...
I figured it was about time for another clown makeup and this one is a messy looking, slightly unhinged little Fecker :P
But surprisingly easy to apply!!
Watch the tutorial at the bottom of this post to see how I applied it.

You will need;
Glue Stick (Non-toxic & washable!)
Water in spray bottle

White Face Paint (Water activated cake)
Red Lip Liner
Black Kohl Pencil
Black Cream Makeup
White Cream Makeup / White Grease Paint
White or Transparent Setting Powder 
Taupe,Grey or Brown Cream Makeup (Or Grease Paints)
Black & Blue/Grey EyeShadow (Both Matte)
Nicotine & Black Tooth Enamel
Coloured HairSpray

PLEASE look online for your nearest suppliers and in Halloween stores etc. I am purposely not putting down the exact products I used as some of them are no longer available/are old. USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Also you can apply oil based makeup over water based makeup BUT NOT VICE VERSA!!
Cheers Guys :)

Happy almost Halloween!!!


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