Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting Tattooed & My New Tattoo!!

I TOTALLY forgot to add this post/video here after getting my newest tattoo at the recent 2nd annual Galway Tattoo Convention. 
I have already done a video showing my other older tattoos and the stories behind them which you can watch here...
My friend Jeremy Switzer, who is a phenomenal tattooist, was over from Portland, Oregon, US and I had him pre-booked for ages to get more added to my sleeve. I love his style of tattooing and trust him 100% as an artist.

I decided to go with all flowers for my lower arm to surround Hallo Kitty, as my upper arm is more of a sky-scape (that has a cat, flowers and a rag-doll floating about in it!!)
Catch me getting tattooed in the video below as well as some extra footage from the convention itself that my lovely sister Aoife was good enough to film for me!

I am chatting here, not grimacing in agony, PROMISE! ha ha 

This is the amount we got done at the convention, I was sitting for about 6 hours! But Jeremy drew it all on free hand which took forever!!!

I went back to Jeremy a few days later to get more finished and touched up my Hello Kitty tattoo!

I will be doing a tattoo FAQ video soon to answer all the questions I've gotten since uploading my first tattoo video, so keep an eye out for that! 
And I also plan on prioritising getting more tattoos added to my skin over the next while as well.

Leave any questions below to get them answered in my FAQ video.

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