Sunday, October 12, 2014

Makeup Atelier Paris Review ft. Waterproof Gel Foundation & More!!

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Makeup Atelier Paris;

Waterproof Gel Foundation FTG1Y

AirColor Thinner 
PLEASE NOTE: It’s the Air Thinner you need for the airbrush machine!!!

AirBrush HD Foundation AIR1Y

Moisturizing Base

Anti-Aging Concealer ACA1Y

Corrector Concealer Palette C/APC2

Powder Blush PR101 ‘Beige Orange’


  1. This foundation is such a pain to apply! The airthinner isn't even available to purchase on the UK website. Had I known it needed to be used with another product I probably wouldn't have bought it. Is there anything else I can use to thin it out and actually make it bendable? I'm tempted to try adding a few drops of BodyGlide (silicone lubricant). Will any other airbrush thinners work or does it have to be the MU Atelier thinner??

    1. I'm pretty sure that you could use any primer to thin it out! Or even any airbrush thinner. x


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