Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shiv's Stash: What's New?? (A.K.A; Beauty Haul)

After a bit of a dry spell, I was recently sent a good few bits from various beauty brands as well as picking up a few items myself locally and definitely had more than enough to throw together in a 'Haul Video', though I quite hate that term so I'm giving 'Shiv's Stash; What's New?' a go to see how I get on with that. 
I'm in Makeup Brush/Eye Shadow Heaven with this lot so watch the video below to find out more about what has been added to the stash, and scroll on further below for any extra information.


Zoeva ‘Mixed Metals’ Palette 01:35
Zoeva ‘Rose Gold’ Complete Eye Set 02:53
The Zoeva products will be released on Nov 24th

Catrice ‘Mattifying Setting Powder’ 04:58
NYX ‘Natural’ Matte LipStick 05:33
Wet ’n’ Wild ’Spot Light Red’ LipStick 06:01
Cara Professional Brush Set 06:43
L’Oréal Professional ‘Christmas Must-Haves’ 09:36
Olay ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ Firm & Lift Day Cream SPF15 10:34
Olay ’Total Effects’ 7-in-1 Anti Aging Day Moisturiser SPF15 11:40
Coastal Scents ‘Hot Pots’ 13:14

Coming soon from Zoeva...
(PR Samples)

This gorgeous 10 shadow palette called 'Mixed Metals' is mostly made up of highly reflective metallic earthy tones. There is also a matte black shade to add depth to any eye look you might come up with using the shimmery shades. 
The texture of the shadows is like butter and there is absolutely no need to use a base under these guys to get a gorgeous opaque coating. 
Also launching alongside this palette on the 24th of this month online will be the 'Smokey Eye' palette made up of dark 'Midnight' shades.
Both palettes will be available for €17.50.

Adding to the already existing 'Rose Gold' Brush Collection is the 'Rose Gold' Complete Eye Set which will launch on November the 24th, just in time for Christmas!!!
Zoeva recently gave a preview of the set on their Instagram page... which is well worth following if you'd like to know about upcoming products and collections before release.
The set will be priced at €65 for the 12 brushes and pouch but check the website on the 24th for all other information!

Pharmacy Bites from NYX, Wet 'n' Wild & Catrice...

I seem to have a serious & growing weakness for stocking up on lipsticks lately, and 2 of my most recent purchases include;
1. NYX 'Natural' Matte LipStick, a beautiful mauve toned vintage pink shade.
2. Wet 'n' Wild 'Spot Light Red' Long Lasting LipStick, a striking satin-finish tomato red shade.
I purchased the NYX lippy from Care Pharmacy in Salthill, Galway and Wet 'n' Wild can be purchased from Penney's or Dunnes Stores throughout Ireland. 

...and I also very happily came upon my much loved Catrice 'Mattifying Setting Powder' which is also waterproof and is seriously the best budget translucent setting powder out there!!
I am nearly finished my first one, and I rarely finish powders apart from MAC's Mineralize SkinFinish Powder.

L'Oréal Professional 'Christmas Must-Haves'...
(PR Sample)

I was sent the 'Christmas Cracker' from L'Oréal's 'Christmas Must-Have's' range of gift sets for the holiday season. It contains travel size's of the Série Expert's (That's the Expert Series to you & me) range of hair products. The one I got is the 'Repair Lipidium' retailing for €8.49.
It contains a shampoo & Intensive hair mask for dry, damaged hair 'wrapped' in a cardboard cracker designed to be perfect as a gift for under the Christmas Tree!
There is also a 'Vitamino Colour' available.
Below are the ingredients for the shampoo & hair mask.

Shampoo Ingredients.
Hair Treatment Ingredients.

Cara Professional Brush Set...

This 12 piece brush set is made up of 5 face brushes, 6 eye brushes and a lip brush.
They are a mix of natural and synthetic fibres and for the most part are lovely brushes... except for the stipple brush (duo-fibre brush) which is horrible. 
At just €29.50 it's a very fairly priced set and thankfully the other 11 brushes are quite nice, especially the Kabuki Foundation/Powder Brush. (4th from the left below)
I bought this from Cara Pharmacy but the set no longer seems to be available from their online store.

Olay Skin Care...
(PR Samples)

1. Olay ‘Total Effects' 7-in-1 Anti Aging Day Moisturiser SPF15
This cream claims to fight the 7 signs of aging which are according to Olay;
*dull, dry skin
*uneven skintone
*rough texture
*noticeable pores
*general crappiness due to free radical damage (my own wording obvs :P )
*loss of firmness.

And seen as it's explained in the image below quite clearly how it helps to undo these signs, I'll save myself the unnecessary typing!

It's available at the RRP of €19.35 nationwide.

2. Olay ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ Firm & Lift Day Cream SPF15
This cream is packed with Vitamins, Ceramides and Niacinamide and is aimed at the 40+ age group.
It promised to intensely moisturise the skin while firming and fighting lines & wrinkles.
There are 3 other creams available in the range though all remain in the 'anti-aging' category.

Available for RRP €12.89 nationwide.

Coastal Scents 'Hot Pots'...

I really love the freedom of making up my own eyeshadow palettes which is what enamours me to the Coastal Scents 'Hot Pot's' or single eyeshadows to the layman. 
There are literally hundreds of eyeshadow's available from the web-store with different size palettes to choose from.
Shop the 'Hot Pot's' from the website here...

That's it for now!!!
Let me know if any of you Guys have any of these and what your thoughts on the are.

Chat soon,


  1. Are the costal scents eyeshadows good quality? It would be a perfect way for me to get those couple of bolder colors I'd love to use without breaking the bank, and being able to choose my own colors!


    1. Hi Tanya, they are surprisingly good, especially for the price! xx

  2. Hi Shiv. What are the names of the CS Hot Pots that you purchased and why did you picl those particular colors? I have the 252 CS Palette and have not been sure on what to do with the yellow and gold colors. Your Cat Eye and Thanksgiving tutorials helped! Thx. Liz


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