Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Fashion Haul, Lookbook & Giveaway!!!

Now that it's not quite so baltic out, I finally got the chance to film a quick lookbook for ye outside to show off some lovely new pieces from,, RiverIsland & Primark...
Though don't be fooled, I was still feckin' freezin' when the sun was covered by clouds. Roll on the summer!!!!
Anyhu's, watch the video to see the bits I got in action and to hear about the giveaway :)

Naturally Yours... Fresh & Pretty Everyday Makeup Tutorial.

As it's decidedly more Spring-like here this week I decided to do a more paired-back, fresh & pretty makeup to match up with the lovely crisp but sunny weather. This would be perfect also for school or work, and also for a first date when you want to look good but not look like you've tried too hard! 
I've used one of the new Zoeva Story EyeShadow Palettes 'Naturally Yours' and it is lovely!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Aussie '3 Minute Miracle Light' Deep Treatment Mousse

I'll admit to being a wee bit confused when I went to try these babies out for the first time. I hadn't really looked very hard at the wording on the bottles apart from seeing that they were a mousse formula so when I first went to apply it to my hair it was after washing and towel drying... I just about stopped myself in the nick of time when the deep treatment part caught my eye. I was wrong in thinking that they are the type of mousse you apply & leave in to style, the only type of hair mousse I have ever encountered before. Rather these are hair treatments you apply after shampooing that are meant to be left in for 3 minutes (the title should have been a giveaway) and washed out as usual, only in a light whipped mousse formula... Emphasis on the LIGHT here!

Birthday Haul with New Makeup & Beauty Goodies :)

I had to re-record this video due to technical issues and forgot to show the Aussie treatments and the Catrice lace eyeliner.  I will be posting a piece about the treatments this evening though and will most definitely use the lace patches soon in a video!
Hey Guys:)
Even though I'm technically on a spending ban this month (due to being broke from my holiday and upgrading some tech stuff like camera etc) I still allowed myself to pick up a few bits from boots that I needed like skincare etc and luckily they were on a 3 for 2 when I went in which meant a free third item for every 2 bits I got! Woo hoo, absolute heaven to my eyes :)
I have also been sent some lovely products recently, the best of which I share here also.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'A Pop of Pink' Makeup Tutorial

Another full face tutorial I recorded recently with a nice bright pink lip for a change from the darker winter looks of late.

Lorde x MAC Makeup Tutorial

Last week MAC Cosmetics released this face chart letting us all know that they are going to be collaborating with the fabulous Lorde this coming June....

...And of course the internet erupted with excitement, me included! Now I'm not usually one to get my knickers in a twist over celebrity collaborations BUT I do love the uniqueness of Lorde's 'look' and her aesthetic. She very much plays by her own rules and isn't concerned with being pretty pretty. A girl after my own heart! And lest not forget that she is but only a tender 17 years old.
So of course I wanted to recreate this face chart myself to share with all you guys who also appreciate the more edgy paired down looks.

Here's my before & after...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

TMI Tag!!! (Way too much info!)

People are nosey by nature, me included, and because of that we love to know the random and seemingly unimportant things about each other that make up our personalities. I love watching tags like this as you get to know a bit more about people and it's also just a bit of plain ol' fun :)
I had been putting off doing this particular tag just because I am quite shy about sharing too much personal info online but nothing here is super intimate or anything and I actually really enjoyed answering the questions, as the 28 minute time frame would suggest, oops! ha ha.
So watch the video to learn some more information about Siobhán and if any of you do this tag, please send me the link as I'd love to watch them!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FOTD & Early Spring OOTD.

Hello Lovely People!
I wanted to film a quick Outfit of the Day for ye as I awoke to the first really nice sunny day this year, but since a lot of people subscribed to my channel and who read this blog aren't so much into just fashion posts, I decided to add in a not-so-quick Face of the Day to incorporate some makeup into the scenario. 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

LetzMakeup's Makeup Collection & Storage (Updated; March 2014)

Hey Guys!
I listened to the mounting requests and finally got around to filming my (updated) makeup collection & storage video. It's a long one so get comfortable!

Find the MUJI Acrylic Storage here....

Where I buy my acrylic lipstick holders.....
Available here...

Where I buy my smaller nail polish stand.....
Available here...

Where I buy my larger acrylic nail polish stand.....
Available here...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Contour & Highlight using Creams/Liquids.

How to contour and add more shape & dimension to the face is one of the most requested techniques asked of me by clients (as a makeup artist as well as on Youtube).
Contouring & highlighting can be achieved by either using creamy & liquid products or powder products. 
In this tutorial I share my tips & techniques on how I contour and highlight using cream/liquid products, and I will follow up with another tutorial covering the same thing with powder products in a week or two.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My GIGANTIC NYC Makeup Hauls!!!!

My trip to NYC & beyond was pretty epic as far as holidays go, firstly as it was my first time ever visiting the continent of America & the U.S, and secondly because the makeup shopping there is amazing!!! They have so many stores and companies that we don't have here in Ireland so my not going a bit mental just wasn't an option!!! Ha ha.