Sunday, January 11, 2015

Real Techniques; Bold Metals Collection Brushes Review!

Real Techniques recently released a brand new set of brushes in the guise of their 'Bold Metals' Collection. 7 brushes that are described as premium brushes aimed at professional makeup artists and makeup fanatics. The brushes come in three colours, GOLD, SILVER & ROSE GOLD.

The new collection includes;
100 Arched Powder €32.00
101 Triangle Foundation €28.00

200 Oval Shadow €20.00
201 Pointed Crease €16.00
202 Angled Liner €13.00
300 Tapered Blush €31.00
301 Flat Contour €28.00

I bought 4 of the 7 brushes as I was budgeting myself to about €100, and even then I went over by nearly €10.
Definitely much more expensive than most other brushes available in Boots (where these are exclusive to) that don't belong to a brand with it's own counter.
When queried about this and the price point, the Pixiwoo girls reiterated that these are premium brushes being sold at the pharmacy / drug store for accessibility!
What I also discovered thanks to the release of these brushes is that Real Techniques is in fact an American brand and not British as I had previously assumed. Also it was not co-founded by the Pixiwoo girls, but rather it was a pre-existing brand that hired Sam & Nic Chapman to be 'co-creators' and basically the faces of the brand. Good call for Real Techniques! 
The point of this however is that means that the brushes have to be imported into the UK & Ireland from the US which again adds to the prices, explaining why they are much more affordable over that side of the pond.
Anyhow, I digress... 
The brushes themselves are quite beautiful to look at and feel lovely in the hand thanks to them being weighted at the ferrule and tapered towards the tip of the handles. 
A couple of the brushes are also quite unique in design, particularly the triangle foundation brush and the flat contour brush, though this doesn't necessarily mean great things for the actual application of product with the brushes. I cover all this in the video below so scroll on down to the end of this post to see the brushes & hear about my thoughts on them. 
One thing I hadn't noticed until after filming the video however is that while the ferrules are made of some form of metal, probably aluminium, the handles are actually plastic which was a bit disappointing considering them being sold as premium products. 
I also forgot to mention that these are shed-proof brushes thanks to the fibres being 'hand glued' into the ferrules.

Let me know what you think of the new offerings from Real Techniques.
Do you plan on picking any of them up? Or have you gotten any of them already??
Hope this proves helpful!


Prices from left to right; 
€28.00, €20.00, €28.00, €31.00

The three brushes I didn't buy...

Available in Ireland from
Available in UK from
Available in U.S from


  1. Nope, wouldn't buy - I think they look a bit tacky and are way too overpriced.

  2. Hi Shiv, appreciate the insightful review - the reasons why they are so expensive etc. Unfortunately I will not be treating myself to any. I have read that the handles are quite long, and seeing as my eyesight is not the best, this means that I couldn't get close enough to the mirror to do my eye makeup. Ha Ha! I do however really enjoy the original brushes and will continue to expand my collection. Love from a fellow Irish lass xx

    1. I wouldn't even have thought of the handle length in those circumstances! Glad you pointed it out though :) xxx

  3. Follow-up to my comment: I just read the page here and didn't watch the video before I left the comment (sorry - first time to this site). Now I see it :-).


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