Friday, March 13, 2015

Battle of the Blacks! What's the BLACKEST EyeShadow??

I decided to test/swatch 12 black eyeshadows to find out which one is the blackest black and which one is the crappiest!! 
These are the only black shadows I own (except for the Bourjois one I forgot to get from my kit &
my Sleek palettes which I also forgot about as I keep them apart from the rest) which is why I haven't included other ones... I simply don't own them!... yet :P
I plan on doing a Part 2 though :)

The Shadows swatched in this video;

Coastal Scents 'Incognito' Hot Pot
Catrice 'The Captain of the Black Pearl'
Wet n' Wild 'Panther'
Max Factor 'Ferocious Black' Wild Shadow Pot
MAC 'Black Tied' 
MAC 'Carbon'
MUD 'Onyx'
Urban Decay 'Black Dog' (From The Black Palette)
Kiko Black from the Color Fever Quad
Inglot #63
Inglot #391
Zoeva 'Onyx' (Mixed Metals Palette)

Part 2 will be coming soon ^_^



  1. Love this Siobhán!!! It's something I always wondered!!! The Sleek black that I have is unreal dark!

    1. Will have to add that in when I do Part 2!! xxx

  2. You should definitely consider adding Sugarpill's Bulletproof to your collection!


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