Friday, March 20, 2015

Grow your Brows back with me!... And how I fill them in.

And the cycle begins again!!...
I've done it many times before and it's happened again, over-plucking my brows from stress. 
They say you won't seek change 'til you've hit 'rock-bottom' and the brows you see in the picture below are my 'rock-bottom'!
Not at all dramatic! ha ha :P
Anyhow, I am currently in the process of
re-growing my eyebrows in the hopes of once again returning to the shape you see in the pictures at the top of the post.
In the video below, I share my tips for growing back your eyebrows and how to shape them without taking too much away. Also find out how I fill them in while they are growing-out and patchy!

Hope it helps!!
I'll be back soon with updates on my progress,

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