Monday, April 20, 2015

MAC Mascaras; Reviews & Swatches... and how to Remove Mascara like a PRO!!

I was recently sent a really cool MAC Mascara Roll containing 6 of MAC's current mascaras. Along with the MAC Mascara's I already have in my kit, I have all of them with several multiples (Well there's only 1 I don't have). So in this video I review, show and swatch all of the mascaras so you can see how they look on and what each different one does!

And all the swatches...

And then this tip is for those days when your mascara looks a bit crap or clumpy (especially when you're using an old tube or rushing in the morning) and you wish you could remove it without ruining the rest of your eye makeup!

Hope it helps!!!


  1. Wow you were busy!

    I have to agree with your love for Haught and Naughty and False Lashes. I must confess though that Haught and Naughty has been ditched in favour of False Lashes: I bought the waterproof formula and it is so much better for my oily lids on hot days!

    1. ha ha, I sure was! And some days I DID NOT want to wear any makeup but I had to take one for the team :P xx


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