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NEW! Urban Decay; Summer '15 Collection.

Urban Decay Summer '15 Collection releases. Sent as PR samples.

Urban Decay's Summer '15 Collection is launching on May 1st here in Ireland and I was very lucky to be sent some of the gorgeous products being released with the Collection. There are totally new products, shade extensions to existing ranges and new textures/finishes.
Keep reading to find out about the new releases and what I think about them, and if you missed the video I posted on my Youtube Channel showing all the products, catch it at the bottom of this post.
These were sent to me as Press samples but as always, all opinions are my own. 

I'll start off with the 'Ultimate Ozone' Multipurpose Primer Pencil which is the evolution of the 24/7 Glide on (slim) Pencil 'Ozone'.  It is a multi-use primer in pencil form (though fatter than the original Glide on Pencils) that promises to hold onto & prolong any lip colour, prevent feathering & fill in any fine lines as well as correct minor makeup mistakes like smudged mascara etc.
The formula is completely transparent and glides onto the lips or skin smoothly, but turns tacky after a short wait and grabs onto any product you apply over the top keeping it in place until you want to remove it!
It contains jojoba oil to nourish and smooth over the skin.
This comes in at RRP€19.00 and is available from the 1st of MAY from Debenhams nationwide and House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin.

Next up are the new 'AfterGlow 8-Hour Powder Blushes'  that include 12 completely new single blushes. These are the first single blushes for the brand who have previously had their blush shades in their cheek-trio's, the 'Naked Flushed' palettes. These new blushes are long-lasting (8 hour wear), silky smooth powders that come in both matte and shimmer formulas.
There is an impressive selection of 12 shades available from nudes like 'Video' and 'Fetish' to the brightest pinks and reds like 'Quickie' and 'Bang' to the intense bright purple shade 'Bittersweet'. There should definitely be something there to appeal to every taste!
The packaging of these in particular is spectacular with the gunmetal mirrored plastic, the 'UD' cut-out on the lid that shows a fish-net layer through-which you can see the actual powder/shade of the blush. The shades are also clearly visible on the reverse of the product thanks to the corresponding coloured sticker which shows all the relevant text.
These babies are the most expensive of the products being released but also easily some of the most impressive. They are coming in at RRP€28.00.

The new 'AfterGlow 8 Hour Powder Blush' shades being released.

'Obsessed' and 'Indecent' Blushes.

The 8 new eyeshadow shades will be joining the existing & already strong range of single shadows.
These include 2 matte brown neutrals (though 'Riff' contains 'micro-sparkles') and 6 duo-chromes which are called 'shifty duotones'... (stifles an Irish giggle).
There is amazing colour pay-off with these guys and the shimmery shades in particular are very buttery and blendable. 
I was sent 'Riff' which is a matte midtone orange/brown with 'micro-sparkles' and 'Sideline' which is a gold/green duochrome, and both applied beautifully to the eyes without the need for any primer. I did find that 'Riff' was a little crumbly when I dipped my blending brush into it but there was no fall-out to speak of once I tapped-off excess product from my brush before applying to the eyes.
These are RRP€18.00 per single eyeshadow and can also be popped out from the base packaging & applied to a palette if you feel inclined to do so!

The 8 new eyeshadow shades.

'Riff' and 'Sideline'

'Riff' and 'Sideline'

'Riff' and 'Sideline' swatched dry & without any primer.

'Riff' in my crease and 'Sideline' on the mobile lid with no primer underneath.

Left; Urban Decay 'Sideline',
Right; MAC 'Old Gold' Pigment

The last of the newly released products that I was sent were 3 of the new 'Revolution' High Colour Lip Glosses.
These are 14 gorgeous, high coverage, highly pigmented lip glosses that come in both cream and sparkle textures.
Like the blushes, there is an impressive selection of shades available; nudes like 'Kinky' and 'Failbait' (the latter I have and love!), punchy brights like 'Savage' (see the picture below of me wearing it, the name speaks for itself) and 'Punch Drunk', and again just like the blush, that insane bright purple shade 'BitterSweet' pops up again, but now in it's gloss incarnation.

All 14 of the 'Revolution' High Colour Lip Glosses available.

'Savage' Lip Gloss with 'Obsessed' Blush on the cheeks.
Watch the tutorial for this look here....

A few of the lip gloss colours already exist within the range like '69', 'Big Bang', 'Punch Drunk' and 'Apocalypse', but most of the rest are brand new shades.
Again, the packaging is just gorgeous and the doe-foot applicator is brilliant for precise application of the product. 
The gloss formula contains Hilurlip™ which "defines and hydrates (the) lips while making them look plumper and fuller" and as I guessed in the video below before looking at the actual ingredients, this is based on Hyaluronic acid which is a super hydrating, skin and moisture-loving ingredient.
The glosses will be available for RRP€19.00 along with the rest of the new releases from tomorrow (as I'm writing this) in Debenhams Nation-wide and House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre.

From Top to Bottom;
'69', 'Savage' & 'FailBait'

From Top to Bottom;
'69', 'Savage' & 'FailBait'

From Left to Right;
'FailBait', 'Savage' & '69'

Watch my first impression of the products in the video below...

I definitely intend on picking up more of these new bits in the future, and happily they will all be joining the rest of Urban Decay's permanent range of products...
(i.e; I can comfortably wait until I'm no longer broke to get them!)

Let me know if ye plan on nabbing any of the new collection releases.
Hope this helps!!



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