Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nivea Q10Plus 'In-Shower Body Moisturiser'... A moisturiser you wash off!?

Nivea Q10Plus Firming 'In-Shower Body Moisturiser' is an innovative new type of moisturiser that you apply in the shower under running water after you've washed yourself, and then you rinse off before getting out of the shower! Basically think of it as conditioner for the skin, so the same as hair conditioner which you apply after shampoo but wash off.

What adds to the uniqueness of this moisturiser however is that it also firms & soothes the skin.
Coenzyme Q10 occurs naturally in our skin, protecting it from oxidation or free radical damage,  but like everything else, lessens with age leading to sagging etc. This moisturiser contains Q10 beads that melt into the skin when massaged in under the hot shower water, and you will immediately feel a slight tightening of the skin along with a cooling sensation.

This'll be great for people (like me) who usually just couldn't be bothered with applying any moisturiser or lotion after their shower or for people who are in a rush and would like to speed up their 'get-ready' time, as you won't have to wait around for the moisturiser to dry in before dressing!

There is also a body lotion, body oil, rich body lotion and cellulite cream available in the Q10 Firming range.

The Firming Q10 Plus In-Shower Moisturiser is available now for the RRP of €7.38 for 250ml nationwide!


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