Saturday, April 4, 2015

Video Round-up!

I seem to have fallen behind quite a bit in regards to updating my blog and adding my Youtube videos etc due to unavoidable and unexpected 'real life' complications, so here's a round-up of of my Youtube videos from the past 2 weeks or so...


First up is a video showcasing some new Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes that I was using in my recent Makeup MasterClass....


I share my March's favourites here, it's quite a long video so maybe leave it 'til you're relaxing after a long day's work or getting cosy on the couch while it's raining outside :)

3 & 4.

Next up are my 'Shiv's Stash' videos, which are basically updates on what's new to my makeup collection throughout the month including PR packages, makeup for my professional kit and stuff for my personal collection :)

Part 1...

Part 2...


And finally for now, I promised that I'd share my eyebrow regrowth progress at about the 3 week mark and here is it!!... plus some other random info :P


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