Thursday, May 14, 2015

Isa Dora 'Lash Styler Mascara'

PR Sample. Image from
Well now, did someone go a bit overboard with the oul photoshoppin' when adding the finishing touches to the promo picture for IsaDora's 'Volume Lash Styler' mascara above(?!)... 
it was probably unnecessary as this mascara can look amazing when applied to the right lashes. 
If you follow my Youtube channel, you may have seen me use this mascara to death in recent videos, and even on my long-enough but kinda thin lashes it looks really decent and does give a nice "fanned out effect", as promised.

It is described as having a "creamy thickening formula that gives you that amazing volume effect". I like the super black shade of the formula and that it is creamy rather than runny and too fluid (which is something i really dislike in some other mascaras). The swatches in the 1st & 2nd pictures above are of just a single coat of the mascara on and even then the effect is quite lovely, I have applied a couple of layers to the 3rd swatch picture (though it's hard to see with the liner!*) and this definitely gives a more impressive volume pay-off.

I have noticed that I get absolutely Zero smudging or flaking with this mascara, even after a full day's wear, but it does promise to be humidity resistant anyhow... though this isn't something I can test out at the minute with the weather we are having in Ireland.
It's other claims include;
*Lash by lash definition - no clumps!
*"Styling through Stretching" - giving a fanned out effect.
I have also noticed that it does a fairly decent job at holding onto curl as well!
It has a soft, pliable silicone brush head, which I usually favour over hard bristles and the brush head is shaped in such a way as to lay-down just the right amount of mascara onto the lashes.
The packaging is spot-on as well, it comes in a sleek highly reflective silver tube with black writing on the body. (This is inverted on the lid)

Overall I think this is a great wee mascara and I have been thoroughly enjoying it over the past month or so.
 It comes in at RRP€17.95 here in Ireland, which places it in a mid-range price bracket but I do feel that the quality of both the formula and the packaging warrants the price-tag. 
It is available now nationwide from select pharmacies.

Oh and one more thing to note is that IsaDora is a 100% cruelty free brand, this not only includes not testing finished products on animals, but their marketing manager promised me that they also never use source materials that have been tested on animals either!
Bonus :)

That's it for now! Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below in the comments.
Chat soon,

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