Friday, June 26, 2015

Bourjois 'Aqua Blush' for Summer 2015

One of the most exciting releases by Bourjois this summer is their brand new 12hr Aqua Blush formula.
These are fluid gel blushes that I think are somewhere in-between the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Blushes and the Daniel Sandler Watercolour (liquid) Blushes.
There are four shades in the collection including;
01 Ingé-nude 
02 Cocoricorail
(I haven't the faintest clue how this is pronounced!)
03 Pink Twice 
04 Berry Nice

These are the ultimate nude-skin accessories that will add a gorgeous radiant glow and flush to the skin but with a transparency that allows your own skin to show through.
These are also totally customisable thanks to the smooth fluid texture so you can have a play and mix two or more to personalise your own shade. And you can build up colour intensity with these as well.

I got the shades 02 Cocoricorail & 04 Berry Nice in the goodie bag I received at the #BourjoisSummer Dublin Even earlier in the month and have definitely been taken by the new fresh formula.
The texture is a light gel that blends easily into the skin and actually feels fresh and cool on the skin, but dries down to a natural comfortable finish. 
If I have one small complaint about these it is that one full pump is too much product for the cheeks, so you have to be careful not to press the pump all the way down when dispensing the product. Half a pump is more than enough!

Left; 04 Berry Nice
Right' 02 Cocoricorail

These cost €10.49 (£8.99UK) for 10ml of product and are available online from;
(all UK)


as well as instore at Boots and Superdrug.

Available from this month and highly recommended my me :D
You can see my first impressions application of the Cocoricorail shade here...



  1. These look really interesting, I'll definitely be checking them out!

    1. They are lovely Emma! My sister stole one from me. xx

  2. Cocorico is the French version of the English 'cock-a-doodle-doo' [rooster sound], and is also used to mean "hurrah", "yay", and the like; and corail is "coral" -- so the meaning of Cocoricorail is approximately "crowing coral" or "hurray for coral!" Pronunciation is kɔkɔˌʁikɔˈʁaj = ko-ko-rree-ko-RR'EYE [≈cocoa-rico-rye]. :-)


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