Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bourjois 'Parisian Summer' Sun Collection 2015

For their summer and sun inspired offerings this year, Bourjois have released 4 'easy-to-use sun make-up products' including a BB Cream, a mattifying Bronzing Powder, a melting mousse-like Complexion Perfector and Tinted Dry Body Oil.
The online-exclusive collection has been inspired by the elegance of the Chic Parisian Woman, the blue and red striping on the packaging hinting at the marine influence.

There is also an elegance to the design and the packaging, especially with the Body Oil bottle, and there promises to be a product for every complexion and skin-type! 

The first of these is the BB 8-in-1 Bronzing Cream with SPF15 and promised hydration for up to 24hr's.
This is described as having 'A Flawless Natural Glow' with 'UVB SPF15 Protection'. The unfortunate exclusion of UVA protection means that A. you are not protected against the harmful ageing rays (and remember both UVA & UVB rays can cause cancer) and B. You will need to layer a separate UVA sun protection cream under the BB Cream to sufficiently protect your delicate facial skin if out in the sun.
The 8 benefits are;

1. Golden Glow Effect
2. Even Skin Tone
3. Radiance
4. 24-hr Hydration
5. Tan Enhancement
 (this is a bit cheeky since it's basically the same as #1)
6. Fresh Effect (?)
7. Sun Protection  Factor 15
8. High Humidity Resistance

(I personally think products that claim multiple effects take liberties with wording to double up on so-called 'effects' but I digress.... )

It has a medium creamy texture and is available in 2 shades;
Light Glow & Dark Glow.
RRP €11.99 for 30ml.

Next up is the Sunlight Elixir Tinted Dry Body Oil also with SPF 15 protecting against the burning UVB rays.
This is a scented, non-greasy, dry oil with golden pigments suspended within what offers a 'natural radiant golden veil' and a pearly sheen... which sounds fierce sexy all-together! 
This can be used on the face as well as the body as long as the eyes and eye area are avoided.
Using this, according to the blurb, will leave the skin smooth, even looking and soft.
The one shade available comes in a pretty pump action bottle and is available for RRP €16.99 for 50ml.

The Sun Illusion Tinted Perfector is a mousse-like product in a 18ml pot that is somewhat like a softer, more affordable version of the Chanel de Tan by Chanel.
It promises a 'smooth and even sun-kissed complexion' or a golden tan-like glow.
It is not unlike a bronzing foundation with a light texture, and refines the look of pores while evening out the skin-tone.
While it does set or dry down after application, it's supposed to be non-drying on the skin.
Unlike the first 2 mentioned, this offers no sun protection factor.
It also comes in 2 shades;
Light Glow & Dark Glow.
RRP €11.99

And finally we have the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder. This is the most suitable formula for people with fairer skin-tones who don't want to venture too far from their natural complexion.
This is a matte smooth powder with absolutely no illumination or pearlescence to the finish, making it perfect for both bronzing and contouring.
It is supposed to smooth the skin, refine pores and keep the skin shine free.
Again with 2 shades available;
Light Glow & Dark Glow.
This is available for RRP€10.49 for 18grams of product.

These are all online exclusives and are available for a limited time from;
(all UK)


Definitely worth checking out by you golden-skin-loving girls (and guys) before they are gone!
I'll be giving the powder a go the next time I decide to go for a bronzed look.
Let me know if any of you have tried any of these out yet?



  1. Aahhhhrrrggg! So many beautiful things from brands to which I have no access! I wish we could get our hands on Bourjois products here in the US, but, alas...we cannot.
    I have light/medium skin naturally and in the summer it's more medium, sometimes close to tan (but, not usually) and these products look like they would be right up my alley.

    1. I know Michelle, it's the same here in Ireland with loads of brands. You can order online though and I'm pretty sure stock Bourjois! xx


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