Monday, June 29, 2015

Bourjois 'Sweet Kiss Gloss' 10hr Hydration

The 3 shades I received in my goodie bag, see below*
Continuing on with my Bourjois posts, up next is their new 'Sweet Kiss Gloss' 10hr Hydration formula.
It is possibly the most comfortable lipgloss I've ever tried on my lips and I absolutely love the moist formula. It is super hydrating thanks to it's "vegetable oil-enriched formula... that doesn't feel sticky on the skin"** and I can absolutely guarantee that there is zero stickiness to these after wearing them for a few days in a row now!!!
They have released 6 shades in the range which are;
01. Sand-Sation*
(A peachy Beige)
02. Rose Qui Peut 
(Light Frosty Pink)
03. As De Pink
(Reddish Pink)

04. Incogni-Rose*
(Nude Pink)
05. Orange Pressée
(Bright Tangerine)
06. Carton Rouge*
(Bright Strawberry Red)

They promise a "Shine, Bare Lip Sensation" which they do indeed deliver, the brush applicator paints on the gloss really smoothly and without overloading or 'glopping' it on.

L-R; 01. Sand-Sation, 06. Carton Rouge, 04. Incogni-Rose.

Surprisingly for such a non-sticky formula, it claims to offer 10 hour continuous hydration which is down to that oil** mentioned above which is supposedly famous for it's "nourishing properties".
These have no shimmer or glitter particles, but are extremely smooth and fresh feeling on the lips and they do genuinely have a wet feel to them!!

A surprising thumbs up from me considering they are glosses and I am not usually bothered by glosses.
(Not a sponsored post btw)

These are retailing for RRP €10.49 each and available from....
(all UK)


as well as instore at Boots and Superdrug.

and are available now!!


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