Saturday, June 6, 2015

Inglot has finally arrived in Galway!!

It has been a long time coming but Inglot Cosmetics has finally made it's way to Galway!!!

I am a huge Inglot fan as some of you will know from my Youtube Channel and earlier blog posts and couldn't be happier that I can now pop in for a look whenever I am in town.
There were rumours a couple of years ago that they were coming but as far as I know, that fell through so I am delighted that it came to be this time :)
The counter is located on the first floor of Cara Pharmacy, Edward Square, Galway City Centre, just at the top of the stairs.

Obviously it being new, everything is absolutely immaculate & shiny and it also has plenty of floor space to accommodate a full house on the busier days.  There are 6 equally immaculate makeup stations for demos and makeup applications, 2 located at the top of the stairs and 4 along the back wall. 
To get your makeup done, it is €30 redeemable against products (this is as far as I know, I will edit it this is incorrect) and of course you will have to make an appointment as they will be a very busy team, I suspect, going forward!

I was unable to make the grand opening last Saturday due to moving house but they actually opened a day early on the Friday and I just happened to be in Cara looking for something when I heard all the commotion upstairs and popped up for a look! Despite being utterly broke at the minute I couldn't leave without getting something, so I picked up one of their HD pressed powders....

... but I will leave that for another post which will follow shortly!

You can follow the Inglot Galway Facebook page here...


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