Thursday, June 4, 2015

Matrix 'Oil Wonders' Hair Oils

Time to get back to the blog now that I've successfully moved house and am *nearly* settled in and organised!
I've had this hair oil by Matrix for a good few weeks now, possible months actually(!) and where I had always shied(?) away from hair oils in the past due to having such fine hair, I have slowly come around to quite liking certain oils that don't turn my noggin into a lank, greasy mess.

The 'Amazonian MuruMuru' Oil Wonder is a controlling oil which basically means it helps to keep hair frizz free and tangle free as well as protecting against the effects of humidity. It is aimed at people who have 'unruly' hair and promised to work for 72 hours (which I think is a good cut-off point at which to wash your hair).

PR Sample

It can be used a few ways;
First as a primer before you shampoo. This is a good way to use it if you have very light, fine hair and I personally apply plenty and leave it in for a wee while before washing it out.
Next you can use it along with your conditioner, again washing it out but as it will only require a single rinse at this stage it will be a little more effective than when used to prime.
It can be applied to damp/towel dried clean hair as a smoothing treatment. I tend to focus it more on the ends and lengths when using it this way and definitely keep it away from my roots which can become flat/greasy under the correct conditions. I also tend to focus oils at the hair above the nape of my neck and the bottom layers as these can get hella tangled throughout the day forming knots Indiana Jones would be proud of! 
And lastly, I also sometimes pump a little oil into my hands, rubbing them together and spreading lightly over the ends and lengths, on day 2/3 when the ends and lengths that are coloured/damaged/prone to dryness start to get a bit crap looking. 

And that's pretty much it...
Though it does need to be pointed out that it also smells amazing!!! I am rubbish at describing scents but I'll give it a go; it is floral though not sweet. That's the best I can do... sorry! 

The other oils available are;
'Egyptian Hibiscus' Color Caring Oil
Does what it says on the tin and also promotes shine and vibrancy.
'Indian Amla' Strengthening Oil
This "invigorates and renews the feel of weakened hair".

They all come in a 125ml (4.2FL. OZ.) pump action plastic bottle and retail for RRP €12.50. in Matrix Salons nationwide.
There is also an Oil Wonders Shampoo and Conditioner duo available.

Have any of you tried these out?? 


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