Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perfect Black Smokey Eye | Step by Step (For beginners)

Hey Guys! 
Sorry for the extended absences lately, my computer is on it's last legs and making even checking e-mails a chore so I am putting all my energy into trying to stay on top of editing videos to keep up with my Youtube upload schedule. Today's video is a step-by-step how-to guide to perfect the Black Smokey Eye.

Apart from liquid eyeliner, the black smokey eye tops the most difficult makeup looks to perfect. In this video I break down the application process into 10 easy-to-follow steps so that anyone can master the professional grade smokey eye with a little practice!
Apologies for the over (and under) exposed parts of the videos, I was using natural light and it kept going from super sunny to cloudy & dull which I wasn't always aware of on time and my poor camera kept going too dark/too bright to adjust :(

MAX FACTOR 'Pale Pebble' Wild Shadow Pot
NARS 'Crystal' Translucent Face Powder
NYX 'Black Bean' Jumbo Pencil
SMASHBOX Black Kohl Pencil
CATRICE 'The Captain of the Black Pearl' EyeShadow 
BOURJOIS 'Intense Shadow Pot' #11
MAC 'Extended Play GigaBlack Lash' Mascara

Hope it helps!!


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