Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BioDerma arrives on Irish shores... Finally!!

It has taken a while, but Ireland is finally catching up with the rest of the world
... and I'm talking about the Skincare and Makeup World here just incase that wasn't clear!
The French dermocosmetics powerhouse that is Bioderma is now available from selected Irish Pharmacies since last month.
The name will probably ring a bell even if you are not quite able to place it; BioDerma is the brand that brought to the world the first every Micellar Solution, Sensibio H2O, a cleansing water which is now a true-blue cult beauty product with one bottle selling every 3 seconds worldwide.

They have launched with four ranges;
Sensibio; For Sensitive, Rosacea prone & reactive skin types.
(and this is where the Micellar Water belongs)
Sebium; For oily and blemished skin types.
Atoderm; For very dry to atopic* sensitive skin types.
*ie dermatitis or eczema.
Photoderm; Sun Protection range.

I'll start with the famed Sensibio H2O cleansing water and the pink Sensibio range.

Their hero product Sensibo H2O is available is 3 sizes; 100ml for €5.50 (lasted me about a week), 250ml for €11.50 & 500ml for €16.00. This is a fragrance-free, no rinse micellar water that will remove every bit of makeup and dirt from the face thoroughly without leaving any residue. This is 100% my favourite method of cleansing/makeup removal. It's quick, efficient and very very gentle on the skin. Plus I feel like my skin gets a gentle exfoliation thanks to the repetitive motion of the cotton disks wiping across the face... (usually when there's a heap of makeup to remove :P )
There are also various moisturising creams for sensitivity, redness, calming inflammation and treatment of dermatitis.

One of the other products sent to me by the PR belonging to the range was the Sensibio AR BB Cream 40ml. This retails for €17.50.

This is a moisturising anti-redness BB Cream with SPF 30. Not only does this conceal redness immediately, but it also helps to reduce the redness and it's cause long term.
It gives a smooth and radiant finish to the skin, and while this all sounds lovely, the colour selection leaves a lot to be desired. The light shade is far from light enough for my fair skin as is evident from the pictures below which is a shame since so many of my blogger friends have been raving about the BB cream.

The Sébium range also contains a micellar water but for oil prone skins as well as a mousse cleanser, clarifying lotions, a moisturiser for combatting the dryness caused by intensive acne treatments and  the Sébium Pore Refiner cream, 30ml for €18.50, which I also received.
The Pore Refiner gives instant results, tightening pores and refining the skin's texture without drying out the skin. And a major plus being that it works as a perfect makeup base/primer.

The Photoderm range is fairly self explanatory. It offers high sun protection on the outside as well as protection against photoageing from the inside by activating the skin's natural defences thanks to the Cellular Bioprotection Patent.
There are creams available for the face and body starting at SPF 30 and up to SPF50+. You can choose the cream for you depending on your skin type & sensitivity and of course there is an After Sun soothing cream. There is also a tan enhancer available as well.

The Atoderm range is more geared towards the body and utilises Skin Barrier Therapy. The products within this range will soften and sooth hardened dry skin and well as help to calm and relieve uncomfortably dry or aggravated skin conditions.

The roll out of the brand began in June and the products are still mostly available in and around Dublin but there is a scatter of pharmacies throughout the country that carry the range. Sadly it's not yet arrived in Galway but the list of suppliers is growing by the week, so fingers crossed I will be able to get my hands on the products asap!

You can contact the Irish crew through their Facebook page to find out where your closest pharmacy who stocks them is.

I'm definitely going to give the micellar water another go as soon as I can get my hands on it but for the mean time I'm happy enough with my Garnier and Simple versions.

What are all your favourite products available from BioDerma??

Over & Out for now.


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