Monday, August 31, 2015

NYX Colours of the 'Rain-Brow' Brow Pencils

*Pencils I was sent for consideration!
If you are in the market for a new brow pencil, have a goo at these new offerings from NYX. 
These are called the 'Auto Eyebrow Pencils' and there is an impressive 7 shades to choose from. ...that's pretty much on par with the MAC brow pencil shade range!! 

The shades are;

Light Brown; Light warm blondish/ brown
Taupe; Cool light brown
Auburn; Warm light reddish brown
Charcoal; Cool darkish grey
Brown; Warm mid-dark brown
Dark Brown; Cool dark brown 
Black; Cool toned black.

These are automatic (twist up) pencils with a brow brush on the other end of the 'faux' lid.
The actual product is a hard, dry (as in not particularly waxy) pencil stick that can break if too much is twisted up above the pencil opening. So always be careful with how much product is sticking out while applying!!
I do quite like that these are on the harder side as I detest soft, smudgy pencils for brows. They aren't actually that dissimilar to the MAC Brows that I mostly use in my professional kit but the tip isn't quite as tiny in the NYX pencils. The shape is oval however meaning the 2 of the ends allow for finer lines and delicate application. 
There is only about 2 inches of product in the pencil which seems ridiculous but is actually standard for this kind of pencil. This is about the length of the lid! But this is the exact same thing with the MAC pencils which retail for €17.00 while the NYX pencils are a much more affordable €5.99.

These are a welcome addition to the range of NYX products that are available here in Ireland, but I'm still holding out for the arrival of the entire NYX range some day.

A girl can only dream!!


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