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PIPPA PALETTE for Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

I'll start off, for those of you here not from Ireland, with a bit of an introduction!
Pippa (O'Connor) is a very well-loved Irish model turned successful blogger, married to TV Star Brian Ormond, and she's a bit of a babe to boot with a strong following in Ireland.
Pippa is also the ambassador for Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Pippa contacted Úna about wanting to come out with her own range of cosmetics after a previous venture with another company had gone down the swanee hole, and Úna decided that she'd love to get involved. (This is according to Pippa herself from her website
And the PIPPA Palette was born!
The palette contains 6 matte nude velvety eyeshadows and 3 cheek products, a highlight, a matte blush and a contour shade. These are encased in sturdy pink cardboard packaging with a good sized handy mirror in the lid.
I was a bit worried that the cardboard packaging would look a bit cheap but this definitely isn't the case, and kudos to the graphic designer who came up with the artwork, it is a beautifully designed palette... Very very girly, but beautiful!

And each of the product shades are named after someone special in Pippa's life,
explained in her own words here...
(Taken from the Blank Canvas Website)

The EyeShadows;

*KD: My grandad Karl Daniel Mullen was a very influential man in my life. When choosing the name for the strongest eyeshadow in the Pippa Palette, he was the first person that came into my mind. We called him KD for short.
 *Dodo: My grandmother’s name was Doreen but as grandchildren we called her "Dodo". She didn't like to be referred to as granny. I wanted Dodo & KD beside on another in the Pippa Palette.
 *Susu: My sister Susanna is my only sister & best friend. I've called her Susu forever. Ollie calls her that too!
 *Tobi: The first dog we ever owned when I was a child. He brings back great memories of growing up.
 *Ollie: Named after my baby Oliver, whom we always refer to as Ollie. Our pride and joy!
 * Lily: My husband Brian got us the most beautiful Bichon Frise when she was only 8 weeks old. She was snow white and came from Kildare so we named her Lily.
The Cheek Products; 
* Lulu: My favourite shade in the Pippa Palette and the most beautiful shimmering highlighter I've ever worn. Named after my dear Mum Louise who's shining bright above guiding me and willing me on every day.
 * Pipsy: All of my friends call me Pipsy Pie. This subtle girly peachy pink blush suited 'Pipsy' to a tee.
 * Amour: The important shade in the Pippa Palette that brings everything together. This perfect contour shade is simply named 'Amour' meaning ‘Love’ to represent my husband.


How the powders look after swatching, do expect a little fall out, especially when using a fluffy blending brush but this won't be a problem as long as you do your eyes first and skin last if doing a strong smokey eye, and just tap off excess product from your brush for more subtle looks!

A simple look I created using the palette, I have the highlight shade 'LULU' on the centre of my lids with DODO & SUSU shadows either side, and I actually used AMOUR the contour/bronzer shade as a transition colour along with OLLIE shadow as it is too deep a shade for my fair complexion.
I used K.D, the black shadow, as eyeliner over my top lash line and of course, LILY as my brow highlight.
The first time I tried out the palette, I did so without using a primer underneath (I always do this when testing out products for the first time) and honestly didn't get on amazingly with it. 
The shadows were very sheer and just weren't adhering well to the skin, after that I used a primer every time and now enjoy it much better than that false start.
I can only recommend the eyeshadows along with a tacky base/primer but do quite like them when applied this way. They blend really easily but need to be built up a little for optimum opacity.
I love the shade selection of the eyeshadows, they are literally the perfect warm, nude mattes, and though OLLIE doesn't look like much swatched, it is the perfect transition shade!!

The cheek highlight shade LULU is very pretty on even my very fair complexion, but I also love it for the eyes as used in the look above. PIPSY the peachy/pink matte blush is also a lovely neutral shade that works well on all skin tones, though I had to blend it out a bit with my face setting power to tone it down a tad. AMOUR the contour shade is sadly too warm for my own colouring, so I've been using it on my eyes as well. This would work well though on more medium skin tones, which can be said for all the cheek colours more or less. 
This is to be expected after all when it comes to a 'one size fits all' palette like this so I wasn't surprised.

Product Ingredients;


The palette was available last month for the initial pre-sale launch and sold out in jig time!
It will be available again for general sale from Monday 17th August 9am (GMT) and is retailing for €34.99 available from the Blank Canvas website and Pippa's own website!

This will make a great gift for the girly girls in your life or for any matte shadow lovers out there.

Have any of ye tried it out yet??
What are your thoughts?

Signing off for now...


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