Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PRO Tooth Whitening @ 'The White House' Clinic | No Bleach!

I was recently invited in for a complementary tooth whitening treatment at The White House (Teeth Whitening Specialists) Clinic http://www.thewhitehouse.ie and of course I jumped at the chance to get my teeth done as I have been really hoping to get them done since getting my train-track braces off. My teeth are one part of me that I'll never be 100% happy with so any help is much needed & appreciated.
There are clinics in Galway, Cork, Belfast and a couple in Dublin. I went to my local clinic here in Terryland, Galway last week for my 1 hour treatment which ended up being an hour and 15minutes but as I didn't have my phone or a watch to hand, I'm not sure where that extra time came from, though I did feel like I was under the light for longer than 15 minutes each time.
Within that hour, I received a consultation from the Specialist, Emma, who was so nice and helpful and explained everything in very understandable terms. Then I had three 15 minute sessions of getting the whitening gel applied to my exposed teeth and sitting in front of the UV light. (This is where I think I may have gained some time)
Emma also showed me what level of staining my teeth had before beginning the treatment for reference. 
The first two pictures here show how my teeth looked before. They were not very yellow or stained to begin with, but they were not super white either. My eye teeth tend to be a tad yellowed looking and the rest have a slightly cream/ivory tone with subtle yellow staining.

My teeth pre-treatment!

During the treatment I was wearing a mouth stretcher (?! I've named this myself, I have no idea of the real name) to expose the teeth which I was able to insert myself. This was grand to begin with but did get slightly uncomfortable as the hour session progressed... but not unbearably so!
After cleaning my teeth with a fluid solution, Emma applied the gel which is bleach and peroxide FREE to my teeth, and then positioned the machine emitting the blue light directly in-front of my mouth, instructing me to minimise my head movements.
She said that these were 15 minute bouts of light but as i mentioned, I felt like these lasted a wee bit longer. Maybe 20 minutes, though I can't be sure.
After the allotted time of the light and gel doing their thing, the stuff was removed with a small vacuum. The gel was again reapplied and this process was repeated in total 3 times.  

After cleaning off the last of the gel, Emma then showed me the chart again telling me I had come up 9 shades. (You can see her showing me this in the video below)
After rinsing my mouth at the sink, I then was given the aftercare advise from Emma. This included following a strict 24 hour minimum WHITE FOOD ONLY diet, not smoking (I don't smoke), no drinking of any coffee, tea, dark soda drinks or juices etc. I was also told to avoid brushing my teeth with a coloured or striped toothpaste for that 24 hour period and to avoid certain mouth washes that can stain the teeth.
The whitening results in the clinic depend on the natural mineral content of your teeth. I don't understand this science-y part but the clinic can only guarantee lightening your teeth up to 4 - 5 shades (worst case scenario). As mentioned above, I was told I came up 9 shades, and they looked very white immediately after the treatment. I did stick to the 24 hour white-only diet, I am not a smoker, a wine drinker, a tea or coffee drinker and tend not to eat curries etc very often. 
However, a week later and my teeth have dulled a little since the treatment, and are not quite the bright near white they were immediately post treatment. They are still definitely a bit more white and bright looking than they were before the treatment, but not massively so... I think that this may be down to my natural shade.
I was very impressed by the zero sensitivity claim by the clinic and even more impressed by this turning out to be completely true! I don't have very sensitive teeth by any means but can suffer from low level sensitivity with cold drinks etc. I had ZERO sensitivity increase after this treatment which I though was great!! I have had my teeth whitened in the past with bleach/peroxide products and strips that did bring my teeth up to a more brilliant white after many treatments, but made my poor mouth and teeth so sensitive immediately after just one treatment!
I definitely feel as if this no peroxide form of whitening is much more healthy and kind to yourself.

My teeth after treatment.

The full price of the 1 hour treatment costs €240 BUT this comes down to a much more palatable €130 when booked online through their website here...  
You can also book a top-up 30 minute treatment for €75 which promises 3-5 shades of lightening, and there is a couples option as well.
All-in-all, ye'd be silly not to book online and avail of the significant discounts available there if any of you do decide to go ahead with the treatment.

I was also given a take-home top-up treatment (€30 when booked online along with your treatment booking) that can help maintain my brighter smile for up to 12 months.

I filmed the entire experience for the vlog below which will give ye any extra information I may have missed out on here.

I do think this is a great whitening option for anyone who would like to avoid peroxide and is concerned about sensitivity. And it is also great getting to see immediate results, rather than having to wait a few weeks as happens with gradual at-home treatments.

What do you guys think?? Have any of you gotten this particular treatment in the past and if so, how did ye get on??

I was not paid for this blog post or video but did receive the treatment as complementary.


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