Monday, September 7, 2015

The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

I am a sucker for anything vintage or kitch and the aesthetic of The Vintage Cosmetic Company is absolutely my cup of tea.
And luckily it's not just about cute packaging with these bits, there are some lovely quality products in the pretty boxes as well. 
But back to the ridiculously cute design. We are talking vintage, floral gorgeousness here. Plus polka dots... POLKA DOTS!!! I am easily drawn in by aesthetics obviously, I blame the artist in me.
As I mentioned, there are some lovely products within the boxes but I'll start off with the one thing I don't love.

I was sent all the products shown in these pictures and the first are these false lashes.
They are called the Nancy lashes, (there are more available), and the only reason I don't like them is because of the band. This is the black band that sits on your eyelid which is glued down. The one here is a lot thicker than I like. I only use lashes with very delicate and bendy bands, otherwise I find them too uncomfortable on the lids. Now saying that, the body of the lashes itself is lovely, they are fluttery and delicate, so if you don't mind a thicker band, these may be for you!!
These cost €8.49 from Boots and and are available in selective pharmacies nationwide.

Now on to what I love... These tweezers are great, and I have tried many many tweezers. My number 1 are the MAC tweezers, my #2 are the Tweezerman tweezers and these ones are now my #3!!!
One side is covered in polka dots and the other side is a yellow cream colour with The Vintage Cosmetics Company written on it. They are just great wee tweezers. They aren't quite as sharp as the other two I just mentioned but they have great grip and can grab the smallest hairs without damaging the skin.
These cost €10.99 here in Ireland.

I also really like the lip brush which is a lip brush with a lid which keeps it sanitary in your makeup bag. This is basically the exact same as MAC's #316 lip brush except for the colour. 
It's sturdy, pretty and the bristles are very smooth. Just a really nice lip brush!
I'm not sure of the price of this one but the products are generally quite affordable and will definitely be way less expensive than MAC.

I definitely think that this brand is super cute with a decent affordable price-point and will look gorgeous on your makeup table!

what do you guys think of the brand??

Chat soon,

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