Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Urban Decay 'Naked Illuminated'

Seen as there's only 5 weeks left 'til Christmas, now's the time to seriously start thinking of all things sparkly and shimmery, if you haven't already that is!
So... Urban Decay releasing their newest shade of the 'Naked Illuminated' shimmer powder earlier this month is timed perfectly. The new shade 'Lit' joins the already existing shades 'Aura' and 'Luminous'. These powders are for the face and body though you have to use with a light hand on the face as they are quite heavy in shimmer particles (though they are teeny tiny micro particles).
All 3 shades are described as 'universal', though I do think you're better off going with either 'Luminous' or 'Aura' if you are embracing the pale, and leaning towards 'Aura' or the newer 'Lit' if you are bronzed up, a deeper skintone or tanned.

'Luminous' is a pale champagne shade that seems to be heaviest on the sparkle.
'Aura' has pinky/peach undertones with a stunning gold reflect.
'Lit' the new kid on the block is a warm golden bronze with gold sparkle.

I bought 'Luminous' myself a few months ago because 1. I had a few spare pennies that were burning a hole in my wallet & 2. It's just so feckin' pretty to look at! 
The packaging is lovely; it is made of a strong cardboard with a mirror in the lid and there is a secret bottom compartment which houses a handy wee brush which isn't actually all that horrible compared to the usual sub-par brushes that tend to accompany palettes and blushes.
The package is a quite bulky however so it would probably be happier posing away with pride of place on your makeup table rather than slumming it in your overcrowded handbag.
These would make a lovely present (all or any of the three shades) for any makeup lover, particularly during the glitter fuelled christmas season.
These can technically be used wet as well as dry but for a stronger effect I would recommend applying on top of a cream highlight.
Scroll on down to see the dry swatches over clean skin.

'Luminous' Bought by me : 'Lit' Sent as a PR sample
Left; 'Luminous'... Right; 'Lit'

All 3 of the shades are available now from Debenhams, and from House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre.

Oh and they are retailing for RRP €29.50 in Ireland (£22 in the UK)

If you would like a chance to win the darker shade 'Lit', I am giving one away over on my instagram now, until this Sunday (22nd November)
My instagram username is; 'ShivLetzMakeup'

I am quite fond of my 'Luminous' shade however and will definitely be keeping that one for myself!

What do you Guys think of them??

Let me know below and good luck to anyone who enters the Insta giveaway!


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