Friday, December 4, 2015

Master Series, Palette One; Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Blank Canvas have just released a new eyeshadow palette, the first of their 'Master Series', and upon first glance it is a neutral-warm eyeshadow lovers' dream!
This contains 10 matte super warm brown shades ranging from the palest beige (Core) to the deepest dark brown (Corruption), a pinkish vanilla matte with delicate minute sparkle (Lily) and one single champagne/gold shimmer shade (Goddess).

Along with the palette comes the E40/41 brush which is a double sided synthetic (Vegan friendly) brush with a flat shader on one end and a fluffy blender on the other end.
I already own this brush and am a big fan though I do tend to use it more for cream products and mostly concealer application!

The quality of these shadows is more or less the same as the shadows from the 'Pippa Palette' (as far as I can tell) which was the brands last palette offering and a collaboration with Irish blogger/model Pippa O'Connor. That equates to soft texture powders that are lovely over a base or primer but can disappear a bit from blending if applied over too dry a surface. The 2 lightest highlight shades have the best colour pay-off, one being a smooth matte vanilla with near-indetectable sparkle, the other being a buttery shimmery shade and the rest do apply well over a primer as already mentioned.

L-R; Lily, Goddess, Core, Hibiscus, Brazen, Carmin.
L-R; Cocoa, Downtown, Forza, Hickory, Strut, Corruption.

Do expect a little bit of fall-out, nothing major but the powders do get a bit dusty when disturbed as ye can see in the picture above after swatching with a small shadow brush. 
I love the colour scheme of this palette and am intrigued to see what is yet to come in the rest of the series! 

My gorgeous friend Hayley wearing colours from the palette. Makeup by me. 

This palette will set you back €34.95 and is available to buy direct from the Blank Canvas Website as well as from Cloud 10 Beauty online. 

That's it for now lovelies!



  1. I was having an "It that another Anastasia palette!?" moment. Serious the packaging and pan size it the same. lol

    1. Ooh I'll have to have a look at it! I've no idea what it looks like. xx


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