Friday, January 29, 2016

PIXI Mineral Shadow Palettes.

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When it comes to brands like Pixi that mostly put out lovely but largely neutral and nude toned products, it's nice to see the odd brightly coloured bits thrown into the mix for a bit of balance.
These 'Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes' are two of eight palettes in the collection which range from super pale and nude to earthy tones, up to this bright gemstone-inspired pair.
These two are definitely the brightest of the lot and each contain six intensely pigmented shades in the same colour family. 
The blue palette is called
'Aquamarine Dream' and is designed to enhance and complement blue and brown eye. The purple palette is called 'Amethyst Aura' and will contrast green and hazel eyes.

The packaging has the familiar pale lime green colour that most Pixi products sport. The palettes do come with double ended sponge applicators but I'm personally not a fan of these, I use these only in emergencies and most of the time chuck them in the bin after first use. To look at, these look like they are aimed towards a younger demographic but the same does not apply to all Pixi products. Some are more sophisticated looking that others, but I think Pixi knew what they were doing when they designed these guys.

I have only pawed at these a couple of times so far so can't attest to their lasting power etc on the eyes yet but I will be using them in an upcoming makeup tutorial in the coming week or so on my Youtube channel so keep an eye out for that!

Pixi recommend using one of their Endless Silky Eye Pens (which I am a big fan of) as a base for these mineral based shadows and I can see why. The pencils glide on like a smooth gel but set to a waterproof dry finish so will grab onto the pigment and keep it in place as it sets.

Aquamarine Dream
Amethyst Aura

Each palette retails for £15.00.
These are available on the Pixi website as well as in store.


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