Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection Review & Swatches.

PR Samples.
From L-R; 01, 02, 03, 04.

I love the idea of this collection! 
Four red lipstick shades, one to suit every skintone, inspired by the 'ultimate beauty icon' Miss Marilyn Monroe herself. Regardless of the Season or current trends, red lips are always in so this is a collection that can't really go wrong! 
One of the four shades 01 'Marilyn Ruby Red' was the
original Max Factor red that Marilyn actually wore and loved; it's a true blue red that's one of the easiest red tones to wear for all complexions and is also very flattering against teeth, ie. makes them appear bright and white.  The other 3 shades consist of, 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', this is the orange based red which looks amazing on warm blondes or golden/olive skin-tones. 03 'Marilyn Berry' is a cool coral red which is a great entry level shade. It's perfect for fairer complexions as well as anyone who is new to wearing red lipstick and wants to ease themselves in. The final shade 04 'Marilyn Cabernet' is the deep crimson red shade with a purple undertone. This is my favourite and would suit darker skin-tones and 
colourings, though I personally think a deep dark red is a stunning contrast against a fair complexion and blonde hair as well. 
As a makeup artist, I'd be more than confident to work on faces of any colouring using just these four shades.

01 'Marilyn Ruby Red', 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', 03 'Marilyn Berry', 04 'Marilyn Cabernet'

Max Factor got the formula itself bang-on as well... the texture is lovely and hydrating without being too greasy. It contains grapeseed oil and avocado butter which gives it a comfortable emollient slip and delicate shine, exactly as how Marilyn's lips look like in all colour photographs like the one below.  The formula also is very strongly pigmented thanks to "micro-milled pigments" and all-in-all the lipsticks wear brilliantly on the lips. If scent is your thing, you might also be pleased to get a whiff of the lippies... they have vanilla undertones and citrus notes but the smell is subtle enough that is won't be offensive to anyone who is sensitive to scents.

The stunning Miss Monroe wearing her signature red lip and polished makeup.
L-R with flash;
01 'Marilyn Ruby Red', 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', 03 'Marilyn Berry', 04 'Marilyn Cabernet'.
L-R without flash;
01 'Marilyn Ruby Red', 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', 03 'Marilyn Berry', 04 'Marilyn Cabernet'.

I genuinely have nothing bad to say about these lipsticks and in fact am very impressed by the collection so expect to see these in action on my Youtube Channel very soon.

These are available now nationwide and are retailing for €10.99 per lipstick.



  1. Oh! Those look lovely. I hope they get here soon

    1. They are so gorgeous in real life! Hope you get to try them soon x

  2. I really wish I could get away with red lipstick!

    1. You definitely can! It's all about confidence which might take a while to build up. I recommend wearing it around the house while you are alone to start off with so you can get used to seeing such a statement lip on yourself! x


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