Sunday, February 28, 2016

More PIXI Beauty Goodies.

PR Samples.
Today you get to meet some of the newest bits I received recently from Pixi Beauty. These were sent as part of their Valentines campaign but I didn't get around to blogging about them 'til now, oopsy! Either way, they are lovely products that can be worn absolutely any time of the year.
As I've mentioned before, Pixi is a London based brand created by Makeup Artist
Petra Strand over 10 years ago and are available online at as well as in their freestanding stores and select Marks & Spencers stores. If you are interested in learning more about the brand and it's creator, check out the info on the website here.

The Flawless Beauty Primer is a pinky/peach-tinted illuminating liquid primer that is all about making your skin glow while benefiting the skin with anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients like Vitamins A, C & E and pearl extract. 
It's lovely and hydrating on the skin and does give the most beautiful glow to the skin. But for that reason I wouldn't recommend using it all over for oily skin types despite it supposedly being suitable for all skin types. It won't necessarily make you more oily that you already are but the glow will only go to enhance the greasy look from over-active oil production as the day progresses which probably isn't ideal! It has a nice fluid texture that's not too liquid and not to thick or emollient. And of course it being a primer, it does prolong the wear of your foundation. It can also be used as a liquid highlighter over your foundation.
£24.00 available here.

The Flawless Beauty Primer Ingredients.

The Sheer Cheek Gel in 'Flushed' is one of four gel stains that can be used on the cheeks as well as the lips. It's formulated to create a natural looking, translucent flush that's long-lasting and hydrating.
...And long-lasting it really is! I didn't really get much chance to wear it myself on my cheeks as I still have some acne lingering on my cheek area but ye can see in the swatches below how it looks freshly blended on the skin and the stain it leaves even after wiping off! This stain lasted about 4 hours or so with some hand washing of course during that time. 
The formula contains soothing Aloe Vera and humectants to hydrate the skin. 
The other shades available are 'Natural' which is a nude pink, 'Rosy' a berry-pink and 'Peachy' a coral gold.
These are £14 each available here.

'Classic Red' Matte Lustre Lipstick
I have gone on about the Matte Lustre Lipsticks before as I'm a big fan of the formula.
These are high-pigment moisturising lipsticks  that have a creamy satin finish. These again are really hydrating with hyaluronic acid in the ingredient list and also contain peptides and Vitamins C & E. They do also claim to have a plumping effect but as I've said before, this is not something I have ever noticed. 
There are 11 shades available for £14 each here.

Definitely a brand I recommend checking out!

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  1. When Target was in Canada, I got to check out this brand. I found just ok considering it's on the higher end of drugstore prices...I didn't think it was worth it. I also got a full size bronzer from Ipsy and barely show on my skin but looks dark in the packaging.

    1. I think it's even more expensive again in the US after being imported so I don't blame ye for not liking the prices!!


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