Monday, February 22, 2016

Ziaja Skin and Hair Care.

PR samples.

First of all, I think this brand is pronounced like 'Shy-ya' or 'Jhy-ya' or something somewhere in the middle. This is a Polish brand falling into the budget category that has been getting a good bit of coverage lately from Irish bloggers though this is my first time trying anything from the brand. 
There is a .ie website at which showcases the extensive range covering hair, body and skin care products, though this is just an informational
website only and doesn't allow purchases to be made off the the site nor does it share the prices. It is a good resource though if you just want to peruse the brands' full product catalogue. (Apparently there are 1000 products to choose from!)

 The company is cruelty-free, transparent and fuss-free is their marketing, and they design their packaging to be "clear and honest". The products themselves are ph balanced (most modern skincare is), dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic and contain a "blend of natural & organic active ingredients with scientific know how".  So far so good!

I was sent a few products from their 'Goat's milk' range which was created to help stressed out hair and skin. I was only sent the information pertaining to the hair products and according to that, they comprise of keratin and goat's milk protein (among other ingredients) which is meant to do great things in the way of de-stressing dry or generally 'under the weather' hair. 

The product in the picture above are;

Ziaja 'Goat's Milk' Strengthening hair mask with Keratin; €3.99/200ml.
 Ziaja 'Goat's Milk' Creamy shower soap; €3.49/500ml
 Ziaja 'Goat's Milk' Moisturising body lotion; €5.99/400ml
 Ziaja 'Goat's Milk' Strengthening shampoo with Keratin; €3.99/400ml.
 Ziaja 'Goat's Milk' Strengthening conditioner with Keratin; €2.99/200ml.
 Ziaja 'Goat's Milk' Hand cream; €3.49

The official Ziaja online store for Ireland is where most of the products above can be purchased, and for the rest of the month of February you can get a 20% discount on all Ziaja hair-care products. Not a bad incentive to check out the brand considering how cheap & cheery they are already! There is also a special offer available now in pharmacies nationwide.

Because of the massive backlog of skin care and hair care products I am already trying to make my way through at the minute, I will be donating these to my sister who very kindly offered her investigative services. She will be letting me know what she thinks of them and whether she rates them or not after her 'research'. I will let ye know if she has a strong opinion either way after trying these out.



  1. Oh, Ziaja! <3 It's a very popular Polish brand, I personally love their cocoa butter line.

    PS: The first letter is pronounced as 'ź', to give you an example:
    so it's /'źaya/ :)

    1. Oh Thanks! That was the way it sounded in my head too ^_^


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