Hey Everyone ^_^

My name is *Siobhán (pronounced like Shiv-Awn) !
*Confusing Irish spelling!! (bh sounds like english V)
Most of ye will know me through my LetzMakeup channel on Youtube where I create & upload make-up, beauty & now more random personal videos ranging from reviews to tutorials to follow-me-vlogs and loads more.
This blog is a partner to my channel. I upload all videos here at the same time (roughly) as on my Youtube channel and all extra information, product lists, pictures & swatches are posted here, as well as extra reviews etc that will not be shown on my Youtube channel. So make sure to follow this blog so as to not miss out on any of that ^_^

Outside of LetzMakeup life;
I'm Irish through and through, living in my home town on the West Coast where I'm my happiest ^_^
I work professionally as a makeup artist for nearly 10 years.
I have an art background back as far as I can remember! I specialised in Painting in Art College, learned tattooing for a couple of years, and my evolution brought me to my beloved makeup artistry.

I am a Pisces, I love cats, travelling & reading. I prefer the Winter to Summer but hate being cold!
I'm quite a finicky little thing!

I like to change my hair colour..... a lot!

I stand 5ft 3" tall, love vintage styling and I have quite an attachment to Hello Kitty =^_^=

Follow my LetzMakeup Twitter for any and all updates relating to my Youtube channel, any giveaway information and beauty or makeup tips.

Now for the "nitty gritty"....


Product Reviews, Press Samples, Opinions etc...

** Note to PR's; I am no longer accepting new products or brand co-operations due to a shift in focus on my blog and Youtube Channel from being about product reviews etc to going back to the artistic side of makeup.

All reviews and opinions expressed in this blog as well as on my Youtube Channel are mine and my own exclusively. Occasionally I am sent makeup & beauty products for consideration for review and press samples etc but I choose what to share on my blog/channel and how to present my posts. Once in a blue moon I do sponsored posts (maybe 4 or so in my 7+ yrs history) but these are ALWAYS clearly marked as such either in the title or early in the post and I turn down most of the offered sponsored 'gigs' that don't suit the blog's/channel's content.
I am NEVER paid/compensated for reviews. I will not give falsely favourable reviews to any brand/product for 'freebies' or money so ye can be confident that if I rave about something, it means that I love it!
Also, when companies sent out press samples for consideration, it is just that, for consideration. Receiving product samples does not guarantee a dedicated blog post or video, I can supply my rates if any company would like to sponsor a video or blog post, but these would only contain my own opinion and I do not do scripted content.
All products sent to me, as well as what I buy myself are shown in my 'Shiv's Stash' videos bi-monthly on my Youtube Channel.

All images and content on this site belongs solely to myself,  and cannot be used by any other parties without my written prior consent.

Thanks for stopping by!
Take Care,