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  1. Hi there I have only just discovered u via YouTube and am kicking myself that I have not found u sooner!!,! I would really love some advice if u would offer it, if you don't have time this is fine too but thought I'd give it a go. I am 32 and have a basic clease, tone and moisturise routine using mostly nude by nature products. I am looking in to starting to use an eye cream for repair and correction as I feel now I am starting to see tiny fine lines under the eye! BUT I just find it all a bit confusing! I have quite sensitive eyes and have in the past six months tried different eye creams/gels but my eyes are just super sensitive and start getting red and itchy which can last a few days.the products I tried was the super expensive skinceuticals aox eye gel, which left me itchy and dry and the play regenerist anti aging eye roller which also left me with the same outcome. How do I know what to use! Would u suggest I see a skin person face to face or should I just keep testing products and hope for one that suits me, or have u any advice!! My email is if u ever had the time I would be so appreciative, xx


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