Frequently Asked Questions!!

Q. Where are you from/What is your accent?
A. I'm from Galway, Ireland with a typical Galway accent!

Q. How do you pronounce your name?
A. In Irish spelling 'bh' is pronounced like a 'v' and the 'á' is a lengthened 'a', so Siobhán is pronounced like 'Shi-ov-awn', or 'Shiv-awn'.

Q. Are you a trained/professional Makeup Artist?
A. Yes and yes. I learned most of what I know from magazines and books and practicing on friends but I did do a course a few years ago to get qualifications. Not essential by any means but can definitely make getting counter work a little easier!
I worked with MAC Cosmetics for over 5 years and received extensive ongoing training from them but am now fully freelance.

Q. Have you any fashion training/education?
A. Nope, not a bit apart from the fashion related jobs I work on as a makeup artist like photo-shoots or fashion shows. I love fashion & styling though and do draw a lot of inspiration from fashion for my work. 

Q. Can you recommend good makeup schools/courses in Ireland/U.K?
A. I honestly don't know much about the different courses available. You would probably know more than me in a short space of time by googling what's available in your area!

Q. Do you think it's necessary to go to makeup school?
A. Not at all but it can help in certain circumstances. If you feel like you need the tuition than go for it. It can definitely be helpful in getting a portfolio together and to get used to working on others, but I would only recommend it to people who are quite inexperienced! I found myself a little bored when I did my course but it was helpful in that I learned about ingredients of products etc. Also definitely shop around! I absolutely do not believe in paying as much as some of them are charging!!

Q. What is/are your favourite makeup brand(s)?
A. I have always been a MAC fanatic as have most of you have also I'm sure!! But I couldn't commit myself to just one brand especially with all the amazing new brands that have popped up over the past few years.
My favourites include MAC, Inglot, Illamasqua, Ben Nye, Vichy (for foundations and concealer) and Makeup Forever to name but a few. And there are also fantastic drugstore/pharmacy brands like Sleek Makeup, Bourjois, Revlon, Collection 2000 etc.

Q. Where do you get all your makeup from??
A. As a professional makeup artist I regularly buy makeup to replenish my kit, but I also collect makeup as a hobby and this is how I treat myself ^_^
I get a lot of my makeup from Brown Thomas (an Irish Department Store) which sells MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel etc, basically most of the higher end brands. I get my Vichy products from various Pharmacies and for all other drug-store makeup I go to Boots Pharmacy.
I make the trip to Dublin a couple of times a year to shop at Inglot and Makeup Forever, though gladly Inglot have now arrived in Galway.
I also like to shop in Makeup Trade stores like The Hair & Makeup Co. and Flair-Hair & Beauty (Both Irish companies) which can sell makeup like NYX as well as other supplies that I need for my kit.
I sometimes buy stuff online but not too often to be honest. A site I really like however is http://www.love-makeup.co.uk which sells a fantastic range of different products.
While I was living in London I would shop in ScreenFace, Charles Fox, MAC Pro and P.A.M which all supply professionals as well as non pros. I also loved SuperDrug which we don't have over here for stuff like Sleek Makeup, Me me me etc.
For Makeup brushes I use Zoeva, MAC, Blank Canvas CosmeticsSigma, Sedona Lace and many other brands.
And then one of the perks of Youtube include being sent makeup and beauty products for consideration.

Q. Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?
A. I get inspired by Art, colours, fashion (This is a big one!), other makeup artists, Youtube Guru's, makeup books and magazines etc.

Q. What Camera/Camcorder do you use?
A. A few years ago I treated myself to the Canon EOS 600D and the quality of my videos improved 10 fold easily!
Now I use the Canon 700D. I also shoot most of my still shots with it also!

     Before that I used a Canon Legria FS 306.

Q. Where do you get the music/songs that you use in your videos from?

A. A lot of the music I use now is from Epidemic Sound who I have an account with through being partnered with BroadBand TV . Along with that, I also sometimes use royalty-free music from http://www.danosongs.com &  http://www.incompetech.com. In some videos, mostly the older ones, I use music by 'The BlackNote Project' but I have permission from the band to use their music. I can, and do, only use either royalty-free music or music that I have permission to use in my videos!

Q. Can you please do 'enter specific request' tutorial for me??
A. Thank you for asking but I cannot take personal or specific requests at the moment. Every now & again I get a request that I think will benefit a wide range of my viewers and I may do it in that case.

Q. "I subbed to you, will you please sub back!"?
A. I do not "Sub 4 Sub". That's not what Youtube is about for me, I subscribe to channels that I admire and enjoy watching and I hope that people are subscribed to my channel for the same reasons!                                  

I simply could not subscribe to everyone who asks me as my subscriptions would become flooded and it would be hugely difficult catch all the videos I really want to watch.

Q. Will you show us your tattoos?
A. I have uploaded a couple of videos discussing & showing my tattoos....

Q. What size are your tunnels/lobe stretches??
A. My lobes are stretched to 14mm's.

Q. Where did you get your Marilyn Monroe room divider/screen??
A. The screen that is seen in the background of a lot of my older videos was bought at Woodies DIY, which is a home store in Ireland. I believe it cost about the €60 mark.

Q. Will you do a house tour video/show us your garden?
A. I won't be doing a house tour as I do not live alone and it wouldn't be fair on my partner to show what's half of his on my channel for the world to see. Plus I definitely want to keep certain things off of the internet where possible. Ye can often see parts of my home in my vlog videos!